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a crossroads with two highways, one leading to the mid-left section and one leading to the mid-right. In the middle is a wooden post with two wooden arrows - read pointing left, blue pointing right.
a photo of a younger man, with a goatee, sitting up against a brick wall, one hand in handcuffs
a photo of a red rope frayed at the end
a photo of two Black men, one a teenager, with the older one with his hand around the shoulder of the younger
Pete Nielsen, against a blue background, and the Counselor logo on the lower right
a photo of a hand holding a lit lightbulb with the Earth inside it, and a graduation cap on top of it
a photo of a young man and his father, the young man's arms around the father, as they walk down a path
a photo of a Black woman in a mask looking to the right
an image of a door on the left, with a key in it, against a brown backdrop
a photo of a person at a laptop with one hand on an external mouse. A graphic of a search box is superimposed over it