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Attracting Top Talent in the Addiction Field: Strategies for Employers

In Memoriam: Warren Albert Daniels III

February 6, 2023

HHS Announces Dramatic Increase in Funding to Expand the Availability of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics Across the Nation

March 25, 2022


  • Accepting Self-Empowering Recovery
  • Eating Disorders: Separating the Patient from the Disease
  • Andrea Barthwell Interview
  • From JSAT: Patient Adherence to Multicomponent Continuing Care Discharge Plans

April: Special Issue: Adolescents and Young Adults

  • Adolescents and Pornography
  • The Psychological Toxicity of Modern Adolescence
  • Strengthening the True Self in Adolescents and Young Adults
  • From JSAT: Results from an SBIRT Randomized Trial in Pediatrics


  • The Crisis of Credibility in Addiction Treatment
  • Social Determinants of Health and Behavioral Health Changes
  • Strengths Planning for Building Recovery Capital
  • From JSAT:Interpersonal Styles, Peer Relationships, and Outcomes in Residential SUD Treatment


  • Substance Abuse Treatment in Jails
  • Innovations in Corrections
  • We are the Stories We Tell: A Constructive, Narrative Perspective of PTSD
  • From JSAT: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Mobile Health Intervention to Support Recovery from Alcohol Use Disorders

October: Special Issue: Intimacy

  • Counterdependency and the Flight from Intimacy
  • Prodependence: Treating Loved Ones of Addicts
  • Special Series on Mental Health: Interviewing the Psychopath, Part I
  • From JSAT: Integrating Intimate Partner Violence and Parenting Interventions into Residential SUD Treatment for Fathers


  • The Need for LGBTQ-Specific Twelve Step Meetings
  • Treatment of SUDs in the Military
  • Special Series on Mental Health: Interviewing the Psychopath, Part II

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