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Twelve Step Principles for Coping with the Pandemic This column focuses on applications of Twelve Step principles in coping with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As of this writing,… Read More
The Role of Social Service Organizations in Addressing Substance Use Issues: The Pressley Ridge Experience, Part II In our previous article we reviewed the potential roles of social service organizations (SSOs) in addressing substance use issues among… Read More
Dealing with Anxiety and Depression during Isolation In the last two years we have been faced with a global pandemic, isolation guidelines, mask policies, and loneliness. Many… Read More
Countertransference and the Therapeutic Relationship Over sixty years of research has led the field of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment to conclude that the therapeutic… Read More
Online Help for Employees with SUDs Imagine discovering that your very small business is losing $70,000 a year. Would you want to fix it? Obviously the… Read More
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