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a photo of a man with a beard and mask over his mouth looking down at an out of focus desk
Pete Nielsen, against a blue background, and the Counselor logo on the lower right
an Asian woman, black hair and wearing a black top, looking at the camera from the side, with a Pride flag in one hand
a photo of an African American man, in a suit, sitting with his legs crossed, head tilted with a smile, and his left hand over his knee
an illustration of a white girl with brown hair wearing a Pride-colored dress, holding a Pride-colored balloon in her right hand
an image of a white person in yoga-type clothes, sitting on the grass with their legs crossed and in a standard meditation pose
a light purple background. On the left, a group of white hands are stacked on top of each other face up, and on top is a cutout of a person's head with the brain shown
a photo of a crowd of people at a party, almost all in business attire and drinking alcohol
a photo of a Caucasian woman, blond hair, biting her thumb in nervousness, a blurry picture of someone else across from her
a photo of a white man at the pool, with a blow up toy next to him, wearing a face shield and mask and a drink in his hand