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a cropped photo of a person in a blue and white stripped shirt, breaking a cigarette in their hands
a man with a beard and chain, wearing a black t-shirt, stares at the camera
a Caucasian woman with brown hair and glasses with her mouth open in surprise in front of a blackboard. On the blackboard, a bunch of images drawn that are icons for various internet and computer things.
a clear grenade with a bunch of cigarettes in the center
Pete Nielsen, against a blue background, and the Counselor logo on the lower right
a Black woman with her eyes closed, sitting, wearing a sweater over a black turtleneck
a small Caucasian girl, sitting on the floor with her hands over her face. In the background is the shadow of an adult man and woman arguing, with the man holding a bottle
a person with headphones on, one hand on a keyboard and the other on a mouse
a male Caucasian adult with his hand over his forehead, with a baby next to him