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Workforce: Supporting the Substance Abuse Counselors of Tomorrow


Substance use disorder counselors do the ever-vital work of helping individuals overcome dependence on drugs, alcohol, and destructive behaviors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roles in the field of substance abuse counseling are estimated to increase 23% by the year 2026. With about 115 people in the country dying from opioid overdose each day, the demand for these specialized counselors is rapidly rising.

We at Counselor Magazine are dedicated to supporting the substance abuse counselors of tomorrow and the crucial work they do in our country. As a part of our efforts to contribute to their professional development, we crafted the below free to use guides. Included is an in-depth resource covering the academic, experience, and licensing requirements to begin working in the field.  In addition, we’ve also prepared specific guides for becoming a substance abuse counselor in each state. Please take a look below.

Starting Your Substance Use Disorder Counseling Career

Become a Substance Abuse Counselor in California – 


Become a Addiction Counselor other than California (International) – 


Knowing the vital contributions these professionals make, we ask for your help in connecting individuals with these free to use guides. Please help future substance abuse counselors navigate their education and careers by posting these guides on your website.

Your efforts in making this information available will have a lasting impact on many individuals in California and Internationally.