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a photo of a woman of Asian descent wearing a mask and looking out a window
a photo of cannabis plants in the sun
a photo of four teenagers, all sitting with their backs to a brick wall, in casual clothes and talking
a photo of an open book on top of a closed book on a table, with a pair of glasses on top
a photo of two people at a desk, one with a piece of paper on it with a website design layout on it, the other with a tablet in their hand, in front of a computer
a photo of a row of houses along a street
a photo of two Black people, one male and in a wheelchair, one female and on a grey couch with a laptop slowing the man some paperwork
a photo of a man with a beard, dark, with his eyes closed and smiling in the sun with trees behind him
a row of people sitting in chairs, all applauding
a photo of a Caucasian person facing away in a light blue shirt and masculine arms. The left hand is behind the back, crossing fingers, while the other is shaking another person's hand