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CCAPP Partnership with R1 Learning System Promotes a Breakthrough Practice That Fosters Positive Change for a Better Life Amongst Individuals Recovering from Substance Use Disorder


SACRAMENTO, Calif., Dec. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Recovery is an experience – it is an improved lifestyle, not an end goal. It is a process, an ongoing journey that lasts your whole life and continuously improves your personal health. R1 Learning System has created a groundbreaking system to deliver increased engagement with the leading evidence-based practices for substance use disorder and mental health.

The R1 Learning System combines engaging content in core competencies with a repeatable and approachable process for implementing these topics with individuals in recovery as well as with the programs and practitioners that serve them.  The modular structure of the System allows it to be tailored to “meet people where they are” – all across the continuum of care, within existing or custom curriculums, and with each of the different members of the recovery team. CCAPP Vice-President of Education and Strategic Development, Kristina Padilla, states, “The latest in treatment methods for substance use disorders is quite extraordinary. We are seeing a creative and contemporary form of treatment that educates and brings people together for the better. We are extremely excited to see where R1 Learning takes us.”

Engagement with the materials, with peers and with the practitioners creates a sense of belonging, – the belief that one is in the right place and that the material is relevant.  This feeling feeds greater interest and retention propels new attitudes for starting, growing, and maintaining recovery and emotional wellness.

R1 Learning’s Discovery Cards leverage a simple, familiar, and approachable format to fostering interaction, and sparking meaningful conversations in group and one on one settings. The act of physically picking up a card begins to build a sense of belonging and an emotional connection with one’s own recovery. This engagement brings forth new insights that guide one towards actions needed to create the desired change. Discovery Cards guide users to observe what they are experiencing, feeling, or thinking and then evaluate them in a new light. This approach enables both practitioners and clients to learn new responses, build on strengths, and apply to real-life circumstances and situations. These tools are effective and easily adapted for different populations and settings and by practitioners at all levels of knowledge, skill, and experience. With content and structure, R1 allows for greater engagement with treatment, counseling, and coaching that empowers individuals to live a healthier life.

According to Tom Karl, the founder and CEO of R1 Learning, “We are committed to delivering the most comprehensive, modular, structure, and scalable set of curriculum solutions for substance use disorder and mental-health conditions.  The R1 Leaning System is designed to increase engagement, build a common vocabulary, and ultimately build the skills for change for both individuals in recovery and practitioners in the field.”

To that, CCAPP, President & CEO, Pete Nielsen states, “We fully endorse our partnership with R1 as it correlates to our mission of delivering excellent services that focus on substance use and its associated problems. These services are monumental in delivering greater engagement to clients and professionals which in turn promote effective change to those struggling with addiction and mental health disorders.”

This education moves away from the typical, dull, and mundane approaches to substance use treatment. R1 Learning is innovative, colorful, and bright enough to rebuild and spark meaning back into someone’s recovery journey to a better life.


CCAPP is the largest statewide consortium of community-based profit and non-profit substance use disorder treatment agencies, addiction focused professionals, providing services to over 100,000 California residents annually in residential, outpatient, and private practice settings. It is our mission to inspire excellence and promote change through our focus on membership, advocacy, and governance. To learn more, please visit: https://www.ccapp.us/

Visit R1 Learning at https://r1learning.com