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Treatment Vans Deployed Against New York Opioid Epidemic


A health organization in western New York has hit the road to expand treatment access for opioid addicts. BestHealth CEO Howard Hitzel has noted positive reception to his company’s mobile health care program (Wooten, 2018). Patients, many underserved by traditional treatment programs, are seen by doctors in two large specially-outfitted vans (Wooten, 2018). They are then able to receive prescriptions for medications to treat their addictions (Wooten, 2018). Hitzel attributed his program’s achievements to its accessibility (Wooten, 2018).

The treatment vans are each staffed by three providers: “a nurse, a counselor, and a peer specialist,” some of whom, themselves, are in recovery (Wooten, 2018). These trios’ efforts in serving the addicted populations of Erie and Niagara counties were documented on NBC Nightly News (Wooten, 2018). Inquiries regarding the innovative program have been made by organizations, both local and national, which seek to replicate its successes in combatting the opioid epidemic (Wooten, 2018).

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