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Picture compliment of pixaby.com.

Picture compliment of pixaby.com.

There is nothing like getting an award to make you pay attention to the group that is giving it. This was my experience when I was told I was receiving the Emerald Spirits Award from Sober St. Patrick’s Day.

Sober St Patrick’s Day? I had vaguely heard of the group, but now I needed to learn more. What I found surprised and excited me so much that I need to share it with you.


No, It’s Not About Abstinence


Sober St. Patrick’s Day is an international movement with celebrations around the world on March 17, including the one in New York City where I will be given an award for my work in focusing national attention on Children of Alcoholics. Its goal is to return this holiday back to its roots as a family day and move it away from an annual bar crawl or “It’s great to get drunk” day. Its goal is not no drinking; its goal is no drunking. The hope is to make this a happy family day instead of the day so many of us dreaded as children, due to the violence in our families this day represented.


It’s Important to Women


For adults, especially for women, being part of a drunken St. Patrick’s Day presents new concerns:

The effects of rape are devastating, resulting in:

  • Depression as women often blame themselves
  • Alcohol an drug abuse to try to keep the shame away
  • Suicide


Don’t Let Your Toxic Girly Thoughts Rule You on St. Patrick’s Day


Yes, the perpetrators are responsible for their crime, but being drunk makes women vulnerable to this type of malicious creep. One reason why women get drunk on days like St. Patrick’s Day is because they have internalized societal messages—which I have named toxic girly thoughts—that tell them to be desirable they need to engage in all sorts of harmful behaviors.  Getting drunk on St. Patrick’s Day is one of those behaviors.

Want to be safe on St. Patrick’s Day and other days as well? Enjoy being Irish, even if it’s only for the day but…. Don’t get drunk!

And if you’re in NYC, come to the Sober St. Patrick’s Day celebration with me at the New York Irish Center.  http://www.soberstpatricksday.org/THE-AWARD.html






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