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When we talk about purpose, we generally refer to something in the outer realm, something we want to do. We tend to believe that if we achieve this thing or that thing, then we will acquire what we want, whether that’s fulfillment or happiness or a better standard of living. We often look at our goals and achievements as effort, striving, even as struggle. Tapping into our wholeness, into our divine nature, is our most fundamental purpose. Our primary purpose is simply to awaken. Being grounded in that space of essential wholeness makes pursuing any intention in the outer realm much easier, more powerful and connected. When we tap into the truth of who and what we are, life naturally becomes purposeful. There’s no striving to achieve something beyond us. We are simply guided in a very powerful way to what’s already there.

I want to examine two levels of purpose: our common inner purpose and our individual, outer-directed purposes. Our fundamental purpose is simply to awaken—to become conscious of our inherent wholeness, to live in a state of presence, to become aware of our oneness with Source. And as we grow in awareness of this purpose, it becomes manifest in all our outer-directed purposes. This isn’t about figuring it out. It isn’t about latching onto a new set of beliefs or perfecting our spiritual technique to do it correctly. It’s about deepening the awareness of our essential wholeness. It’s also about moving from our head, into our heart, and ultimately living in a deep awareness of our intuition. It is shifting from feeling trapped by our thoughts and ego-driven goals into experiencing a deeper, more authentic feeling tone. It is expressing a fundamentally new way of being in the world. This is the most profound journey, because as we move into this intuition-based, inner-directed way of living, everything changes.

This deep vision of the self is the fruit of your spiritual practice, your inner work. It comes from your essential being. It is beyond thought and beyond emotion. This deeper vision is your most important purpose; it’s what you may have been experiencing throughout your recovery. As you move more deeply into recognizing your oneness with Source, you will also be opened to a vision specific to your individual life. As you live more fully in connection and love, you’ll glimpse a distinct purpose that’s tied to the universal purpose, which is to remember and live from our essential wholeness and perfection. The deep trust of your inner knowing will guide and inform you about your own way of serving humanity and the world.

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