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Gerald Shulman   MA, MAC, FACATA

Gerald Shulman is a clinical psychologist, master addiction counselor, and fellow of the American College of Addiction Treatment Administrators. He has been providing treatment or clinically or administratively supervising the delivery of care to alcoholics and drug addicts since 1962. He provides training and consulting in behavioral health, with an emphasis on the ASAM Criteria, of which he is an author, and the DSM-5, providing quality treatment in a managed care environment, moving to evidenced-based treatment, assessment, pharmacotherapy for substance use disorders, customer service in behavioral health and older adults with substance use disorders. He was an author of the ASAM Supplement on Pharmacotherapy and a workgroup facilitator for two CSAT TIPs. He can be reached at GDShulman@aol.com.


Counselor Contributions:
What’s New in the DSM-5 for Substance Use Disorders
The Personal Journey of a Nonalcoholic through the AA Twelve Steps
High Medical Service Utilizers
Comprehensiveness and Continuity of Care
Some Thoughts about Drug Testing
Some Thoughts about Drug Testing
The Role of Abstinence
Initial Engagement, Retention, and Continuation in Treatment
Reconfiguring Diagnosis
About the Term “Substance Dependence”
The Recovery Stool
“Client” or “Patient”: Does it Make a Difference?
Deciding on Outcome Measures in Behavioral Health
Smoking for Behavioral Health Patients
Is Addiction Really a Disease?
Addiction Treatment: Then and Now
A Typology of Substance-Abusing Adolescents
Length of Treatment and Outcome
Documenting Substance Use and Potential for Withdrawal
Different Strokes for Different Folks
What’s wrong with Our View of Substance Use Disorders?
Recovery Support Groups and Continuing Care
Adolescents and Young Adults: Finding the Best Methods of Treatment
Where Are You Regarding Pharmacotherapy for Addictive Disorders?
The Use and Misuse of Language by Addiction Counselors, Part III
The Use and Misuse of Language by Addiction Counselors, Part II
The Use and Misuse of Language by Addiction Counselors, Part I

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