CE Quiz - Oct 2018

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Course Description

This Counselor magazine quiz includes questions from the October 2018 Vol.19 No.5 issue related to the following articles: “Trauma, Addiction, and the Flight from Intimacy,” “Prodependence: A New Paradigm for Relational Counseling,” and “Interviewing the Psychopath, Part II.”

Course Objectives(s)

Trauma, Addiction, and the Flight from Intimacy
1. Explain reasons why people flee from intimacy
2. List various findings from the author’s research on trauma, individuation, and intimacy
3. Describe event trauma and developmental trauma
4. Expound on what the author means by “heart-centered and relational support”

Prodependence: A New Paradigm for Relational Counseling
1. Define the new term “prodependence”
2. Explain the origins of codependency
3. Analyze examples of ways loved ones of addicts can practice prodependent ways of caring
4. List research studies that found that isolated and separated individuals suffer more than individuals with emotionally intimate connections

Interviewing the Psychopath, Part II
1. List various physical and mental symptoms of anxiety
2. Clarify how anxiety may be related to psychopathy
3. Summarize the case studies and the specific issues facing each patient
4. Explain treatment recommendations for therapists/counselors working with psychopaths


CE Quiz - Oct 2018

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